Action Alert- Flu Mandate

Don’t let Halloween Trickery Fool Illinois Senate Like it did House of Reps

Action Alert on HB2984 – Mandating Flu vaccine for all Healthcare Personnel


IVAC is asking Illinois residents to call their Springfield senators and Senate sponsor Bill Cunningham telling them to vote NO on HB2984.

HB2984 was rushed into the House in the shell of a Lead Education and Window Replacement Bill, confusing House members. Not only did it not have anything to do with lead safety, it was the exact wording of SB 741, mandating flu shots to healthcare workers. SB741 was highly opposed last session and failed to get out of the Senate. Over 1000 witness slips were filed against the bill.

This is no lead safety bill as approximately 21- 36 million flu vaccines contain mercury according to the CDC. The multi-dose vials contain 25 mcg of mercury and can be given to a 6-month baby twice in one season, 4 weeks apart. According to Robert Kennedy Jr. of the World Mercury Project, the Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum exposure limits for methyl mercury is .1 microgram per 1 kilogram of body weight. This means a person would have to weigh 550 pounds to safely absorb 25 micrograms of mercury. At these levels, a growing fetus in a mother receiving the flu shot could get up to a million times the EPA’s safe levels. Also of  concern is the toxic load of women in health care of childbearing age receiving the flu shot annually. In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that one in every six women has mercury blood levels that could pose a risk to an unborn child. Mercury rapidly crosses the placenta and accumulates in the fetus at higher levels than in the mother. Two studies in 2012 showed that a mother’s mercury exposure is linked to attention problems in her children. 

Thimerosal-containing flu vaccines contain 250 times the mercury level the EPA uses to classify hazardous waste. Unused thimerosal-containing flu vaccine should bereturned to the manufacturer for appropriate disposal.

Illinois passed a Mercury-Free vaccine Law – Public Act 094-0514 effective on January l, 2006. What happened? The Illinois Department of Public Health has filed an exemption every year claiming a shortage. This shows total disregard for the health of Illinois citizens. Far from a shortage, we see Walgreens and CVS advertising flu shots late through spring.

The CURRENT statute (PA096-0823) already offers Flu vaccines to Healthcare employees and allows for religious exemptions, making an additional amendment for HB2984 completely redundant.

IVAC objects to bill language in Amendment 003 that allows for facilities to create their own “more stringent policies and programs.” We have already received complaints from Illinois residents that hospitals are requiring their clergy person’s signature and phone number on a religious exemption (which is not required by law).

IVAC asks Senators to Vote NO and read the World Mercury Project’s webpage on flu vaccines before voting. https://worldmercuryproject.org/mercury-facts/mercury-in-vaccines/flu-vaccines/